Ice Cream Trade Insurance


We have been providing insurance solutions for clients in the ice cream and associated products trade for over 90 years.

Our experience means that we fully understand the challenges of operating an ice cream business and we are proud to be appointed as a preferred insurance supplier to members of the Ice Cream Alliance. 

Our exclusive and bespoke insurance product is suitable for owners or operators of ice cream parlours, shops, or cafes selling ice cream and frozen treats. Whether you own a chain of parlours, or a single family run business, our Ice Cream Parlour package offers extensive insurance cover, backed by one of the UKs leading insurance companies.

There are a number of risks which you need to consider when choosing the correct insurance cover for your business. We can provide bespoke and personalised advice and guidance on the covers that are important to you.

Our policy will provide cover against the loss of frozen stock if your freezer fails, through to Property Damage at trade exhibitions, with core covers including, Loss or Damage to contents and stock (with additional covers at peak seasons), theft of money from your till, Replacement of locks, Business Interruption Insurance, Employers Liability and Public and Products Liability.

Our history in working with the Ice Cream trade means that we understand just how different each business can be, that is why we have a dedicated team ready to help you to find the right insurance to suit you. We will work with you to ensure that you have a tailored solution at a very competitive premium.