25th May 2021

Over 8 million opt for private health insurance, what are the main benefits to having a policy?

In recent years, the NHS has been under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver high-quality healthcare when people need it most.

With the pandemic adding further constraints on what can be achieved, more and more Brits are turning to alternative options to receive treatment.

At the end of March 2021, there were close to 5 million people waiting to commence treatment under the NHS. 35.6% of these patients had been waiting over 18 weeks, and sadly some patients had been on the waiting list for over a year.*

By comparison, private providers have an average waiting time of seven days.

What are the main reasons for this growing demand to go private?

Despite the NHS offering free healthcare, there are many factors involved in the decision to go private, such as faster access to treatment, or preferring the comfort of private hospitals.

Additionally, not all drugs and treatments are available under the NHS, therefore private healthcare opens up further treatment options, such as access to breakthrough cancer drugs.

Why should I obtain medical insurance?

Over eight million of us currently have private health insurance, which is either provided as part of an employee benefits package or sought-out on a personal basis.

With the right level of insurance, you can alleviate any financial concerns associated with self-funding private healthcare.

At W B Baxter, we will help you determine the right level of cover to suit your particular needs, whether that’s your individual requirements or that of your company.

If you would like to request a quote or you’d like us to review your existing cover, please contact us for a no-obligation chat.

*NHS referral to treatment (RTT) waiting times data, March 2021

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