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We've outlined some considerations.

What steps can you take in response to the Government’s latest COVID-19 announcement?

March 2021

The end is in sight for the UK’s struggling high street as the Government have set the date of April 12 for the resumption of business, provided the current vaccination target is achieved.

However, given the dual impact of Brexit and a global pandemic, which has resulted in 54% of SMEs having less confidence in their future stability, there's a long way to go before we'll recover from the events of the last 12 months.*

To make the route to recovery easier for you, we've outlined considerations you should be taking into account.

The rule permits the reopening of all non-essential retail, personal care premises, salons and gyms. Pubs and restaurants are permitted to open outdoor only.

The newest four-phase strategy aims to end all restrictions by June 21.

Whilst bookings have never been higher within the hospitality industry, predictions have been made that the sector will see losses of £1.5 billion compared to normal trading times.

That is due to the fact that despite 75% of pubs having a beer garden or outdoor space, only 40% are likely to have enough space to pass COVID-19 risk assessments without struggling to break even.**

Those who plan ahead will stand the best chance of returning to profitability, so if you're in any doubt about your potential profits or losses, we'd advise looking into the government's available support schemes.

Strategies for reopening your business after COVID-19

1) Plan for a safe return

2) Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment

3) Implement cleaning and hygiene procedures

4) Maintain social distancing where possible

5) If space is limited on your premises, explore other solutions, such as offering a takeaway option or setting booking windows for your customers

Long-term strategic planning

When business is running ‘as usual’, long-term planning is often postponed, as day-to-day time-sensitive operations take priority.

So use this free time to review and adjust your three- and five-year plans.

How we can help you

It's also important to note that if you adjusted your insurance policies over lockdown, to account for less stock and new demands on your business, you may need to re-examine where you are exposed.

The prospect of reopening for business is an exciting one and preparation is key for a smooth start.

To discuss your business insurance needs, please get in contact with your usual Baxters contact.

*Dun & Bradstreet

**British Beer & Pub Association