2nd November 2023

We’ve just won £10,000 for Coopersale Community and Cricket Club

We recently pitched for a share of the £300,000 funding pot that our friends at Aviva have generously donated to help with local community charity work.

We applied and out of over 160 brokers from across the UK and Channel Islands who applied we were one of only ten brokers to be awarded £10,000!

This is wonderful news as we’ve been a previous supporter of Coopersale Community and Coopersale Cricket Club and it’s therefore great to be able to do something really substantial, something that’ll make such a positive difference to such an important cause.

What will Aviva’s money be used for?

We’ve discussed this with our friends at Coopersale Community and Coopersale Cricket Club and the plan is to make the cricket clubhouse accessible and ready for year round use for community initiatives.

An improved, accessible clubhouse would enable more people in their village to live more active, social lives. This will support their wellbeing and improve overall life chances. The older residents are at risk of social isolation, whilst the younger ones may experience pressure to take part in antisocial behaviour. The clubhouse will become a space where everyone can connect with others, sport and nature.

Kim Klug-Miller, chair person for Coopersale Community, says, “This is really important because the clubhouse and cricket field sit on brownfield land which is at risk for being used for housing development. The cricket club must prove its value and shows its use to secure the renewal of the land lease. Whilst not everyone in Coopersale plays cricket, everyone agrees that the field is a fabulous recreational green space that is of enormous benefit to the village. This is something we don’t want to lose. This £10,000 from the Aviva Community Broker Fund will go a long way promoting inclusion, wellbeing and active engagement in our village.”

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