Business Insurance

Property Owners Insurance

We are experienced in the provision of insurance broking services to Property Owners, Property Developers and Property Investments & Assets Managers.

We currently arrange insurance for many types of property owner, ranging from an individual building to large industrial developments. We are pleased to offer tailor-made insurance solutions for your property requirements with insurances arranged on a market leading policy wording, backed by insurers who provide a first-class claims service should the need arise.

The insurance covers provisions for reinstatement of the buildings, loss of rental income and Property Owner's Liability. We shall also make recommendations for associated insurance covers depending on the property details and circumstances. These include:

  • Acts of Terrorism Insurance or threat thereof
  • Employers Liability (for Caretakers, Maintenance or Cleaning staff etc.) – see basis of covers detailed in the section Employers Liability Insurance.
  • Engineering Insurance / Statutory Plant Inspect (Lifts or Boiler Plant etc.)

We would welcome the opportunity to provide premium quotations and our recommendations for your Property Insurance needs.