Business Insurance

Construction Insurance

Contractors come in many forms, from independent one person companies, such as electricians, plumbers or joiners, through small building firms, property developers and architects, up to main contractors responsible for significant construction projects.

All will need a range of insurance protection to enable them to fulfil their duties, most of which are detailed under the various classes of insurance shown under the Business Insurance section of this website. However, there are other more bespoke covers that persons involved in the construction industry may require.

Contractors All Risks cover, Short Period Contract Works policies and Non-Negligent Liability insurance are just a few of the specific insurance products that a contractor, or indeed their client, may wish to consider. We can also provide advice on Latent Defects and Building Warranties.

Insurance may be required to offer protection against the loss, or damage, to works being undertaken from commencement to completion, including the materials brought on site during the process to be incorporated in the works. In addition tools, plant and temporary buildings may also be required to perform the contract, all requiring insurance cover. A Contractors All Risk or Short Period Contract Works policy will afford protection in these instances.

Whilst you may already have Public Liability insurance in place, this will only provide you with protection where you are responsible for property damage where you have been negligent. What about if damage is caused to a neighbouring property, from your actions, despite the fact you have adhered to all guidelines? Non-Negligent Liability will afford protection against the loss or damage to adjacent or properties located nearby where you have not been negligent but none the less your actions have caused damage.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you to ensure you are suitably protected.