6th May 2022

W B Baxter Investment Magazine May - June 2022

This magazine focuses on the following topics:

  • PASSING ON WEALTH TO THE NEXT GENERATION – 30 million parents want to leave wealth in their Will
  • TAX IN UNCERTAIN TIMES – Key financial changes that have affected millions of people from April
  • MORE BRITONS INSURE THEIR HOMES THAN THEIR LIVES – Ensure your financial security for when you might need it most
  • DEALING WITH DIVORCE Revolution in family law finally removes – the need for blame as a basis for divorce
  • GENDER PENSION GAP WIDENS – Women have lower pension pot sizes in every age bracket
  • FUTURE WEALTH – The average British child is worth just under £5,000 by the time they reach school
  • SCAMMERS ‘SOCIALLY ENGINEER’ VICTIMS – 17% increase in suspicious or scam related activity
  • FED UP WITH YOUR NINE-TO-FIVE? – Sixty the most popular age to retire early
  • RETIREMENT NEST EGG – Nearly a half of over-50s regret not saving into their pension earlier

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