Unoccupied Property

If you own property that is left unoccupied at any time, it may be vulnerable to a higher level of risk, which is why it’s essential you have appropriate cover in place providing appropriate protection.

Most home insurance policies, including high net worth contracts reduce cover when the property is unoccupied for extended periods of time.

Properties that are left vacant for any length of time are more vulnerable to a wider range of risks, including fire, theft and escape of water. Furthermore, they are more susceptible to extreme weather events, such as wind, rain, storms and flooding. This is because the damage can be undetected for a longer time, resulting in greater damage.

Whatever the nature of your unoccupied property, including but not limited to being up for sale, awaiting probate or before works commence, we can arrange bespoke cover, providing protection that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Talk to us today and ensure you have appropriate cover in place , giving you the peace of mind that your unoccupied property is protected against all insurable risks.

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