16th December 2022

Top tips for keeping your home safe from burglars this Christmas

Keeping your home safe over the busy festive period is a worry for many tenants or homeowners. Whether you’re away on holiday or visiting loved ones, it’s important to keep your home safe.

Keep your home secure

Ensure all doors and windows are locked when you leave your house or go to bed. Leaving keys in locks is a bad idea, as a burglar could reach them through the letterbox.

Diane Ivory, a former Scotland Yard crime scene examiner, encourages people to keep calendars out of sight as this can alert burglars to when you are out of the house.

Outside the home

The outside of your home can be just as crucial as the inside. Have you left any parcels from online orders outside? This may give burglars an idea of what is inside your house, giving them a reason to try and break-in.

A high-quality security camera system is a good way to deter potential burglars or alert you to any unusual activity on your property. This may also be useful for claiming on your insurance, should you have a break-in at any point.

Be wary of posting festive snaps on social media

You may be tempted to post photos online of your holiday or festive trips, however, sharing your whereabouts on social media can attract potential criminals to your home.

James Bores, from Bores Security Consultancy, says criminals can easily access information on social media. He added: “It’s fairly easy for someone with the right knowledge of searching to identify someone, find their address, work out where the picture was taken, friends, relatives, workmates, where and when they go on holiday, and almost anything else that’s ever been made public.”

Also, with 170 million #Christmas hashtags on Instagram, security retailers have warned social media users of the potential safety risks of oversharing. Sharing vital information about your property, whereabouts and flaunting fancy gifts on social media can draw potential thieves to properties through clues and signs.

Make it look like someone’s in

Putting lights on timers and leaving the radio on is a great way to trick potential burglars into thinking someone is at home. Also, asking a neighbour to keep their car on your drive or outside your house is a great way to deter criminals from your home whilst you’re away.

Although these tips can be helpful when it comes to keeping your house safe and secure over the festive period, your best bet is insuring your home against the worst.

If you meet all of the requirements, building and contents insurance can cover your home if there is a break-in, meaning you can relax over the Christmas period knowing that your home is covered.

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