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If your home is constructed from non-standard materials, there may be increased risks, which means you may need to take out non-standard home insurance to ensure it’s adequately protected.

Non-standard homes are typically built from less common materials, so any building that isn’t made of brick or stone and doesn’t have a slate or tiled pitched roof is usually referred to as ‘non-standard’. This doesn’t just refer to modern houses, it also includes older or listed properties, where the construction method is no longer widely practised.

Typical non-standard materials include timber frame, steel frame, concrete, corrugated iron, plastic, glass, fibreglass, flint, thatch, cob, wattle and daub, prefab, HUF houses, and new, eco-friendly materials, including green roofs.

Many insurers won’t insure such properties, as replacing or repairing non-standard or non-traditional materials can be expensive and time-consuming, calling for a specialist tradesman to carry out the work. That’s why you will require non-standard home insurance from a specialist provider.

With many years’ experience arranging insurance for all types of home, and with access to a panel of leading insurers and niche underwriters, we can arrange a tailored solution to meet your exact needs, ensuring your non-standard home is adequately protected with the appropriate level of cover.

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