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Top tips for staying safe this festive period

December 2020

In the lead up to Christmas many of us begin buying gifts for our loved ones, may (if restrictions allow) stay away from home for a few nights and leave business pressures behind, at least for a few days!

We appreciate insurance won’t be at the top of your list this festive season, but considering risk still should be a priority so here are a few reminders of what to add to your checklist;

  • Are my current home insurance sums insured (contents, valuables, art etc) still adequate to cater for presents purchased?
  • Are we offering temptation to opportunist burglars, by leaving presents stored under our tree to be easily visible?
  • Have we ensured our home / business premises is adequately secured, in accordance with our insurance requirements, whilst we’re away?
  • Have we turned off all Christmas lights whilst away to avoid the risk of fire?
  • Is our travel insurance cover adequate to cover all activities on our trip (winter sports)?
  • Are the decorations in the workplace a trip, or fire hazard?
  • Have we taken measures to ensure that during the extended period our office/business premises are closed that the premises are sufficiently heated to avoid the risk of burst pipes in the event of a cold snap?

These are but a few questions you need to ask yourselves.

If you want further advice, or guidance on your insurance cover, or security/fire precautions, we’re here to help. Please contact us if you wish to discuss any matter.