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What steps are you taking to minimise risk in 2021?

Does your insurance policy continue to meet your requirements?

April 2021

What steps are you taking to minimise risk in 2021?

Over the last 12 months, businesses have had to undertake changes to their processes and services at a moment's notice in line with the latest restrictions and government guidelines.

With a lockdown roadmap for the next few months, it's critical that business owners are reopening with great care and consideration; paying particular attention to understanding whether any 'new' trading activities are accurately reflected in their insurance cover or not.

In order to survive, many firms have had to adapt or even diversify their offering since the emergence of the pandemic.

Before resuming your 'normal' business activities, you must have confidence that any changes to your operations or turnover have been communicated to your insurer.

Should you neglect to update your policy, any claim settlements could be found to be inadequate if not all assets are listed or if it falls outside of the indemnity limit.

As an Independent Insurance Broker, we work with you to understand your requirements and to source a policy that best provides the protection you require based on our understanding of your needs. 

If you wish to review your current covers, or indeed discuss additional requirements you may now have, please get in touch with your usual Baxters contact, who will be able to advice on insurance protections you and your business need.