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Could you benefit from a mortgage review?

Is your mortgage costing more than it should, month after month? If it has not been professionally reviewed recently, the answer to this question could be ‘yes’. Of course, it may be ‘no’, but without doing a thorough review how can you be sure?

The mortgage market has been changing. In the past, borrowers stayed with the same lender for 25 years, but that happens less often now.

As professional mortgage advisers, we can help you review your existing mortgage arrangements. We offer a comprehensive range of first charge mortgages (but not deals you can only obtain by going direct to a lender).

We don’t encourage our clients to rush into switching their mortgage or to borrow money they can’t afford to repay, but I think you will agree that a free initial consultation by a qualified, professional adviser makes sense.

We will always aim to help you meet your personal financial objectives. If your income can comfortably cover it, this might include increasing your borrowing to pay for home improvements or other major expenditure. While this is often attractive, it’s worth noting that while this type of borrowing usually costs less each month (than other sources of finance such as an unsecured loan), payments over a longer period may add up to more in the long run.

It is definitely a good idea to review your mortgage regularly and now could be the perfect time. If you would like to discuss your mortgage please contact our Financial Services team who will be happy to assist.

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