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Inheritance Tax Planning

We can help you with all aspects of inheritance tax planning, looking at the different ways that you can reduce or eliminate the potential tax liability.

Inheritance tax is levied on your estate when you die. At present, the threshold stands at £325,000 per person or £650,000 for a couple, which is known as the Nil Rate Band. If your estate is worth more than this, excluding any assets that are exempt, the government will make a 40% tax charge against the value of any assets above this figure.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we can look at ways of reducing or eliminating this tax, through gifts, trusts and special investments, which may include, for example, funding grandchildren’s future education.

We will look at all the different options available to you, based on your age and value of your estate, and advise on the best, most tax-efficient solution for your individual circumstances, taking into account the terms of your will.

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