Business Insurance

Public & Products Liability

This class of insurance is designed to protect a business in the event that an allegation of responsibility for personal injury or property damage is brought against the business from a third party.

Public Liability, although not a legal requirement, is essential for businesses as it relates to the legal liability to third parties for injury or damage resulting from the companies’ negligence in the conduct of its operation.

Products Liability relates to the legal liability which a business has against injury to third parties and loss of or damage to material property caused by defects in the products or goods sold or supplied.

Actions brought against a business can have a devastating effect on the financial stability of a company. That is why, when arranging Liability Insurance, it is critical that we gain a thorough understanding of your business to ensure that the appropriate insurance protection is arranged.

Claims settlement costs are increasing and it is therefore essential to ensure you hold the appropriate levels of cover. We will be happy to assist in this regard.