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Crime Insurance

Regardless of size, territory and business sector, all organisations are vulnerable to fraud.

Fraud can take many forms – including the theft of cash, stock and other assets; forgery, embezzlement and can continue for many years, often discovered purely by chance. The financial impact on a business can be devastating, but what is often overlooked is the resulting threat to your business processes, how it erodes the integrity of your employees and tarnishes your reputation.

Social Engineering is a growing risk that many organisations are facing, as fraudsters develop increasingly sophisticated methods to defraud companies. In a typical case of social engineering, fraudsters pose as legitimate individuals, such as a company director or senior manager, supplier, or a customer. They then leverage the social status or business relationships of the individual to gain money or information from an unwitting victim. The frauds are often conducted via email, but can also involve written requests and phone calls and in many instances the money cannot be recovered.

Crime insurance can afford your business protection against the above examples. Please speak to us if you wish to learn more about how Crime cover can benefit your business.