Business Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

Protect your business from a loss of income should it suffer after a disaster.

This form of insurance is designed and intended to mitigate losses to a company's trading position, allowing you to get back on track as quickly as possible.

Business Interruption Insurance can vary and is dependent on the type of trade and specific financial trading aspects. Typically, the insurance can be arranged to provide protection for the following, whichever is the most appropriate:

  • Loss of Gross Profit
  • Loss of Gross Revenue
  • Additional Cost of Working Expenses

As well as arranging the most appropriate insurance, we recommend specific policy extensions that should be considered, such as:

  • Loss following damage to Public Utilities (gas, electricity, water etc)
  • Loss following damage at Customers or Suppliers premises
  • Loss following Denial of Access to your business premises
  • Loss due to Act of Terrorism or threat thereof

When arranging your policy, it is critical that consideration is given to assessing how long recovery in trading would take to ensure a suitable indemnity period is selected. We would expect to be closely involved in such considerations and assist in the decision making process.

We will provide professional advice and recommendations on the structuring of suitable Business Interruption insurance that is completely suited to your business' specific needs.