2nd September 2021

Are you invalidating your insurance without even knowing it?

Should you need to make an insurance claim, whether for a personal or commercial policy, it’s crucial you’re not in breach of any of the contract conditions outlined by your insurer.

You must ensure you read documents carefully and are aware of any conditions, endorsements and warranties applicable to you. Many policies contain these conditions and a breach could potentially invalidate the policy, or limit the amount potentially paid out in a claim.

Here are some of the most common ways you could invalidate your cover. However they are by no means an exhaustive list.

Smoke alarms not working

If you have stated that you have working smoke alarms when applying for your home or premises insurance, they must be working, or you’re at risk of invalidating your cover.

Keep your car in good condition

Ensure that your tyres are topped up with air and your oil is changed regularly.

Basic maintenance is expected and this includes making sure your MOT is done on time.

Don’t keep quiet about incidents that occur

Any minor damage should be reported to your insurance company so that they are aware for any claims or pay outs that happen later on.

Forgetting to put your burglar alarm on

Your policy may be subject to an intruder alarm being operational when the property is left unattended and failure to do so may invalidate any claim for theft from the property.

Changing your personal details

It’s important to let your insurance provider know that you have changed address or job title, as these are considered material facts, on which insurers will assess the risk to determine covers provided and also premiums charged.

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