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Our July / August investment magazine is now available to download in PDF format.

Baxters Investment Magazine

July 2019

This magazine focuses on the following topics:

  • Smart Investments - Should I invest into a pension or an ISA?
  • Goldlocks Economy - How to prepare your portfolio for inflation
  • Healthy, Wealthy and Well Advised - Financial complexities of passing on wealth
  • Choppy Waters, Not Full-on Gale - Wait for the bad weather to pass and stay the course
  • Retirement Longevity - Your destiny is now in your hands
  • Taxing Times - Top 5 list of planning areas
  • Show Me The Money - Turning pensions into money you can use
  • Protecting What Matters - Those dearest to us, and those financially dependent upon us

To download the full version, please click here.