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Now is the perfect time to check whether you have the sufficient cover in place.

Are your contents adequately insured?

January 2021

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), one in four UK households have no contents insurance.*

With Christmas having just passed there is the potential for valuable gifts in the home to be uninsured. Now is the perfect time to check whether you have the sufficient cover in place.


Before checking you are adequately insured it is essential to know what insurers mean when they refer to contents, valuables and sums insured. Below are our general meanings but we recommend reviewing your insurers policy wording for their exact definitions. 

General Contents

Include, but not limited to, household goods and equipment, furniture, carpets, personal belongings and clothing in your home, belonging to or for which you or your family are legally responsible for.


Jewellery, Fine Art, Antiques, collections and occasionally Pedal Cycles. Please note these items must be defined under their various headings and not within the general contents sum insured. 

Sum Insured

With contents it is not the purchase price but the cost to replace all your contents on a new for old basis at the time of the loss. 

With valuables, it is based on their valuations. With fluctuations in the prices of valuables, it is important to determine the correct values. Insurers recommend getting these items revalued at least every 5 years or sooner, to ensure your valuables aren’t underinsured. 

We recommend making an inventory of all your possessions (you could use our template here), ensuring you go through each room of the home and not forgetting to include items in attics, basements, sheds and garages. Furthermore take photographs of each room and of the valuables. We would also recommend you carry out regular reviews to ensure new purchases are included.

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